Valheim was the greatest game for me until it wasn’t.

I immediately fell in love with this game since the character creation. It was my first ever survival game, and this is coming from a guy whose prejudiced towards this type of game as Minecraft-y (hence, for kids. I know, it was a miss on my end lol). But I just found myself loving everything from punching trees before my axe, and progressing. I fell inlove with the fact that this entire world of Valheim is against me, and I have to tame it from the ground up. I remember being addicted to the scenery. It was all mine.

Everything I do in this world is out of my hard work. Every monster and boss I kill, that's me. I really felt the essence of what Valheim should feel like (you must've figured by now that I didn't play with my friends). I love the loneliness and the melancholy in this world. It was honestly a new experience that I've never had in any aspect of my life before. If I may, this game made me feel like how men must've felt like when it's just them and the things they create. It was just me and this entire world to tame.

It was nothing less than a magical experience.

Until it wasn't.

My friends found out that I play Valheim and insisted on visiting my world. I was 50-50 about the idea. But one night, this friend visited my server. I played Valheim around March, so my friends have already finished this game bc they played together since it came out, so this friend of mine is already "high level" and he got all his items maxed out. By this time I just finished fighting the Elder, and I just finished building my Swamp base. He visited out of good intentions, and I couldn't turn him down. He wanted to help me out. So he visited and he gave me a buncha items that would help me with the game. Mostly cooked Lox meat and such. He also showed me his equipments and all. Of course I was hella thankful and I enjoyed everything that happened during that. I honestly enjoyed being in awe as he showed weapons that glow, while I'm still wearing my bronze age equipment.

Little did I know, that it would take the "magic" feeling away. I was no longer amazed with the things in Valheim because I felt like I've seen the end game. I used to be so excited as to what items i get to unlock when I find a new raw material. But since I saw them already, it kinda spoiled everything to me. I tried a buncha times to not mind it. I tried hard to get the magic feeling going again.

But it's just gone, like waking up from a magical dream then trying to daydream about that dream. It's just not the same. Now, I can't even finish the game and I have accepted that and am trying to move on and maybe wait for an update. Thanks for taking time to read this.


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