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I am considering VR as essentially a VR virgin. My previous experiences were some PS4 experience at some public event years ago (interesting perspective, but horrible screen door effect, wouldn't want it even for free), and the other day 5 minutes of Index, which made me thinking.

Basically I see 2 choices: index or reverb g2, where index is supposed to have better controllers and reverb is better image, especially for Elite with menus and text and all that small detail. The extra price for Index seems quite a disadvantage, however I might at some point realize I want to play other games, when the controllers would come handy. On the other hand Reverb seems pretty great for Elite. Theoretically getting Index controllers later does not seem to be more expensive at current prices so I am seriously considering Reverb because I can still get the Index knuckles if I 'reconsider' and I don't really lose much. Anyone in the same shoes made the choice and how?

The other thing is generally about VR. I use a T.16000M HOTAS currently. I imagine I will have to do without the 12 buttons on the stick base in VR – either really get used to the buttons to be able to react fast and reliably, or perhaps try voice attack. I don't know how reliable this is, I use these buttons a lot for maps, DSS, landing gear, cargo scoop, heatsink, hud mode, select next jump dest etc. How do you deal with having essentially less controls? I'm even used to use mouse in map mode, sometimes keyboard binds, so it would be pretty drastic to do without those.

Also anyone uses 2 sticks in VR mode? It seems even less feasible because of even less buttons, but generally speaking I considered that too for pure flying / fighting (although I generally do missions, exploration, landing etc quiet stuff).

If the question comes up – it shouldn't as it's not the topic of the post – I run r5 3600 / 16 gb with 2070 super which I expect should be enough.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/klblbj/vr_reverb_g2_index/

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