I went for an impossible goal and i just got it on the last day o/

Hello everyone, I am a fairly new player with around 5k battles.

Ive dabbled in ranked a bit when the Deathstar was still allowed but i havent played much ranked since it got disallowed. I grinded the lines i liked first, the czech medium line and the italian medium line thinking i could do well with them in next seasons. long story short i got rekt.

Since then I have been mostly playing frontline, all of the seasons and after i got the Emil 1951 i fell in love with the swedish heavy line. I decided to grind the 60tp and Kran for this ranked season in order to give a real go (i suck in anything not heavy really).

When i saw the news the the concept 1b would be available for bonds i got hyped, i havent seen a tank i wanted for bonds for a long time. So i decided id give it another go this time around. Mind you last time i didnt get to the first secure rank.

And today, the last day, i managed to fucking do it, i got Division 2. Be it with an abysmal 42.5% chev performance (no need to thank me for feeding you all your ranks) i did manage to get it o/.

Now to grind the missions and see if i can get a discount ^^ but I am so happy i actually managed to get it thinking there was no way in hell i would. Thanks to the sub and streamers (QB) out there for the teaching <3

And GL all today on your last push, if i can do it as a 48.9% er, you can!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pramh2/i_went_for_an_impossible_goal_and_i_just_got_it/

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