What do we think of Neutral Items now that TI could be a possibility this year?

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It's been around 1.5 years since neutral items were released and there was a lot of disagreement over their contributions to the game when they were initially released.


Some argued that neutral items added a nice layer of complexity and randomness that made the game more interesting and gave the jungle more value as an objective.

Others criticized the increasing RNG and the unbalanced nature of certain items on specific heroes. Neutral items felt unearned and could potentially swing games purely due to RNG. The additional layer of complexity was also criticized for potentially turning off newer players.


What do you guys think? Have the changes to neutral items fixed a lot of the problems to make them acceptable for those of you who were initially against it? Do you think the concept of neutral items has made a positive contribution to the game? Have they added more to the viewing experience?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/n6hxwv/what_do_we_think_of_neutral_items_now_that_ti/

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