What is the consensus on the gun-play in this game?

First off, new player here and I am addicted to this game. Its easily the best shooter I have player in the last few years and love the depth and tactical nature of the game. That being said, I am a bit confused as to the gun play. Watching vids and talking to people with many hours, it seems that the best builds and play-style for mid/close ranges is full auto, hip firing to take down heavily armored opponents.

This kind of rubbed the wrong way, as head shots realistically and theoretically are the best way to put down armored opponents (one shot for almost all guns), but in the game so far this is only practical for sniping unaware opponents. In most gunfights with the amount of suppression, accurate hip fire, high rate of fire and high cap magazines, spraying and praying is rewarded, despite being a less skillful way to play rather than precise aimed shots (like csgo). I think a re balance to recoil mechanics/ hip fire/ suppression, or a way to reward those with good aim, would be a very good way to make precise single fire head shots a viable tactic and would reward those with good aim alot more, that would not always favor the less skilled juggernauts spraying in every gun fight. I am ok with full auto dominating up close, but I think precision should be emphasized more in the game and should win people more fights outside of close range.

I say this and know that gun fights are just one aspect of the combat (probably one of the less important ones) but its seems like aim should be more emphasized in realistic game, where mag dumping in real life is almost never used.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/icaqxv/what_is_the_consensus_on_the_gunplay_in_this_game/

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