What is there left to do?

This has been my first wipe and I kind of expected it to be over by now.
I play solo and I have finished upgrading my hideout to the max. I have hit level 39 and have got rich. I have all the keys for the maps I play.
I would like to learn reserve but it runs so badly for
me that I am not going to bother. I always die in the first five mins of a round because of stuttering.
Other than that, what is there left for me to do?
I could hit level 40, when I do I will have level 4 traders all around, but I just can't be bothered to grind out this level.
The tasks I have left all seem like boring pointless tasks.
Is there any reason for me to keep playing?
Now that I am rich I don't even want to play as a PMC anymore, I find it way more fun to play as a scav because I feel like there's actually a chance of me dying, when I'm a PMC I can survive 10+ raids in a row.
But when I play as a scav it doesn't count towards my progression, and if I play as a PMC with crappy gear I'm just making boring and tedious tasks even more boring and tedious.
I don't see the game being any more fun when I unlock level 4 mechanic or Ragman. I can ready buy everything they offer and I don't really care about the price of things anymore since I have so much money.
And I don't want to start from the beginning.
Should I just quit this game?
Every time I go to play it I end up just collecting my bitcoins and logging off again.

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