What is with people quitting the game instead of just forfeiting?

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Do they not get a loss or something to protect their stats? Because I just view at as being a horrible person who is a sore loser. Even in battle rush, I run into people that realize they cannot win and just quit the game so I have to wait about minute.

It just seems like there should be a penalty for this rude behavior. If anything like a rage quitter count on their profile. The game knows the internet is up and knows it received the command to close or force quit.

What are your thoughts?

And yes I know 1 min won't kill anyone, but it adds up if your play the game. Can easily eat a quarter of an hour of your day if you play a lot. But more than that, I feel sorry for entire generations of young men and women learning it is okay to be rude and unsportsman like. When I was a kid you shook hands after a game and congratulated the winner.

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