What is your current highest survival streak?

Any survival streak is interesting, but I put a rule on mine that i'm not allowed to leave he raid until the last 5 minutes and that I have to also be overweight. (I currently have max strength so it's quite the challange for me). I have 30 survives in a row right now, which I never thought I'd get. My goal was 20. I had gotten to 18 a few times, 17 and 15 loads of times, but it always seems I get shot in the head from literally anywhere once I actually realize I have large amounts of survives. I think it's better off not paying attention to it. I also always go in fully geared, so hexgrid, fastMt, Sarmor, and trooper with gpnvg's or an exfil in the day, then i got the couch backpack and a belt for maximum looting. I'll take it a 5.56 mdr with a shift and a saker with a vudu on a p.e.p.r with a delta point closer to the player. I run 1-2 60 rnds, 40 rnds of 55a1 and then 20 rnds 995 on top, with a 60 stack of 995 for repacking. I usually kill 1 or 2 players a raid, and then get anywhere from 2-10 scav kills, i think more sometimes but it's hard to keep track of that. I do go after bosses often, and the reason for this context is because I really won't respect someone if they just run from their spawn to extract and just get a survive, you gotto loot, you gotto kill, there should be some rules cause even just doing the guide you can easily get to extract without encountering anyone, waiting the min time and leaving and that would be 7 survives right there. So no imo that doesn't count, but since there's no way to prove it just try to be honorable. I truly thought I'd only ever get to 20 and I attempted to do so about 6 times, but this one time I went way beyond and I have a pic to match. And because I do this so often my survival rating has sky rocketed also to a nice 64%. Let's see what you guys got!? I wanna know, how do I post a pic? I wanna show the proof of my stats. Btw this is my 5th wipe, and without kappa this is kind of the only goal I have. I wanna do a hardcore account next wipe.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qag7ay/what_is_your_current_highest_survival_streak/

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