What PC hardware has the most impact on ED’s performance?

So I know there are some games, like Arma 3, due to the way they were made and the engine they use, that bottleneck due to specific PC components. Arma 3 only runs on a single CPU core, no matter how many cores you have, so that combined with all of the physics calculations it has to do for things like bullet positions and asset states and interactions, single core CPU performance is the factor that makes or breaks the game.

Is there anything similar like that in ED, where there is one particular part, HDD/SSD speed, RAM, CPU, total VRAM, whatever that really is the deciding factor in whether you get massive performance gains or not?

I ask because I am about to upgrade from a 4790k/32GB of DDR3 to a 10700k/64GB of DDR4, but I'm still running a GTX980 because new GPUs don't exist anymore. The game runs pretty OK right now, but should I be looking forward to any noticeable improvements or will it seem pretty much the same for me as it is right now?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m6mqlr/what_pc_hardware_has_the_most_impact_on_eds/

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