What would be your idea to make the majority of slug rounds for shotguns more viable?

After playing quite a lot with only shotguns now (cuz shottys are love, shottys are life) I more and more get the feeling, apart from ap-20 every slug ammo is way, way worse than literally any buckshot ammo.
And to worsen the state of slugs, 6.5 express (my favourite ammo and imo the best ammo for shotguns) is jaeger lvl 1 with magnum buckshot lvl 2 jaeger.

Why would you ever take a slug when you can have express buckshot (which has the same or better muzzle velocity) which does roughly the same damage but is easier to hit. Or why take a flesh round slug where it's hard to hit legs instead of just magnum buckshotting your enemies legs into mush? I mean with a saiga or mp153 you just need to look in the general direction of enemies legs and empty your mag and they die. Why should you cripple yourself with slugs?

Could be I am completely wrong here and just have bad experiences with slugs, but if you share my opinion, what would you do to buff them?

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