What would really revitalize Dota 2 for you?

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I think Dota is in a great place. So many of my recent games have been epic hour long clashes where (almost) every hero plays an important role.

However, I do feel that Dota is well overdue for some kind of big change. It's been stagnating for a while and it deserves bigger and better content or changes to keep things fresh.

Some of the "freshest" updates have been: Reborn (7.0), shrines, outposts, lvl 30, neutral items and various map changes. Obviously a lot of these changes have been totally overhauled along the way but ultimately they made for a much better game in the end. But we haven't had any updates like that in a very long time. We are overdue for some fatass changes around here.

Here are some of my (probably bad) ideas:

-Let players zoom the camera out just one more notch (or lower all the terrain by one level)

-Bring back junglers/trilane

-More frequent neutral item rotations

-More opportunities to deny heroes

-Delete OD

-Better ward system

I want to hear your ideas regardless of how simple or farfetched they are!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/rs65zo/what_would_really_revitalize_dota_2_for_you/

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