What’s the funniest/dumbest/best way that you won a match?

Can be either an Impostor or Crewmate win. I'll start.

Impostor win: So, one time I was impostor with some other guy (it was Brown I think the color was?) on Polus and I usually like doing the long game, basically a few sabotages, just 1 or 2 kills, establish trust, stuff like that. Anyways, we was down to 5 people and Brown got caught in the act killing someone else (forgot the color) and we voted him out. Mind you, I haven't talked the entire game and when a meeting was called to vote out somebody, I was surprised when Pink and Purple decided to vote out Blue, so that's what we did. By the time they figured out it was me, I already done the Reactor sabotage and killed Purple. And remember, I won WHILE NOT SPEAKING A WORD THE WHOLE GAME!

Crewmate: We was in Mira HQ, down to about 5-6 people and we already got an Impostor voted out, so we had 1 left. I was going down from Decontamination and I saw Orange walk by me up to Reactor/Lab. At the bottom of Decontamination, was a body. I forgot what color it was, but I knew It must've been Orange, since the body was out in the open and there was no way to miss it. So, we got him out and won. TLDR; Never kill unless you KNOW you're in the clear.

So, what's your guy's stories of the funniest/dumbest/best way you won? I'd love to hear them!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/l1wryn/whats_the_funniestdumbestbest_way_that_you_won_a/

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