What’s up with the saltiness of legends

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Some context first. So I went back playing again after more than a year and I just thought it's only appropriate that I recalibrate. Obviously I pretty much blew it and my mmr went down from 4.7k to 3.5k but behavior score stayed at 10k. I'm okay with it actually because I know it takes some time to get used to playing again and start winning games.

Anyway, when I started playing against legend players things got petty and salty.

I usually say "gg ez" even after a long ass game and when I was at Ancient-Divine bracket in the past I rarely got salty responses but here in legend my God it's like they can't even take a joke.I just got here and there's this one guy that said to me that he will punch me in the face if he ever saw me irl. I mean come on if you want to beat me do it inside the game. Him saying that just proves he can't take an L and his fragile legend ego was hurt by someone who hasn't played for more than a year.

I got more to say but I think this is enough to show how salty legend players are.

Well I know and believe in myself that I won't be taking a long time here in legend and get back in my past rank(Ancient-Divine) and have better quality games. Hopefully. hahaha

gg ez

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