Where have you found Settlement Defence Plans since the last update?

I've been searching for Settlement Defence Plans (SDP) since Odyssey was released.

I found one in a Military Settlement Security Data Port in a Restore mission a few weeks ago, but nothing since.

I also got one doing a retrieve mission, where I was supposed to retrieve and turn in a SDP for a Suit Schematic reward. Of course I dropped the mission as soon as I had the SDP since they are virtually impossible to find anywhere.

So I'm wondering where pilots have found SDPs since the last update, if anyone has found any.

I found an Irregular Marker with Skimmer and relogged 15 times or so trying to get an SDP. No dice. All kinds of other nice downloads but no SDPs, so I'm starting to wonder if they've been moved to other locations or been removed completely.

What say you Pilots?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/q66kuc/where_have_you_found_settlement_defence_plans/

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