Which decks are you fed up of facing the most?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Here's my current list of opponents I auto-quit against:

Nilfgaard. As soon as I see NG, I quit, I know exacfly what's coming and, frankly, whether they're milling my cards, playing my cards, locking my cards, it's fucking rancid to play against. I mean how can EVERY FUCKING DECK use the mages, use Joachim, use Coup, etc., where's the archetype, where's the strategy???

**NEW** for 2021, SK Flurry. Everybody has decided to copy the same deck, which has no specific style as such, just a lot of high power cards with thinning and removal. It's boring as fuck, because the cards always come out in the same order.

NR Mages. As I refuse to use a NG deck, I've got literally no answers so this deck will obliterate anything I try and do. I actually homebrewed something like this before realising it was a "thing", then started facing the Netdecks……

So what's yours? Which decks do you look at and think "why the fuck am I even bothering to play this game?"?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/qqwt10/which_decks_are_you_fed_up_of_facing_the_most/

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