Why does mill exist?

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I mean yea, mill decks are pretty punishable and usually easy to beat.
But a deck that deletes 8 Cards in the first round and slams a whopping 100 points just shouldn't exist. With Yennefers Invocation and Vilgefortz they even got some cheap high valuable control. And if you have no cards left in Round 3, theyre just playing 25 points with 2 cards and even worse a possible vilgefortz. The points are just to big atm.

Even if you win against it the whole game is just suffering and boring. I would prefer two losses against every other deck against a win vs mill.

I just dont understand why a bronze unit exists which vanishes the top card of your deck, even if its the most valuable card in your deck.
Where is the sense of a deck destroying archetype if the Game is built around building combinations or controlling.

Since this decks are considered as meta and 80-90% of my games are against mill, I completely lost the fun of playing at all.

@Mill Players: I really wanna know what you enjoy in playing it? Imho it is just freaking rng, needs no brainpower, youre not building any combinations, youre not really reacting to the enemy playstyle and its not even a free win. I am really curious.

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