Why i think night raids at factory are very good for making money

I'm level 16 and have been playing night factory a lot. I've come to learn that no one really goes to night factory. So when you go there its either one person with you or no one. So a lot of loot is just free for the taking. i was at 136k before i started raiding night and after 4 raids I'm at 564k from all the loot and keys that are just chilling waiting for you, i have found lots of rare key's and expensive gun, such as a mp7, vector, and a rpk. Last thing is that tagilla is great to kill because no one will be there so that you wont get shot by like 4 people, all you need to worry about is the thousands of fucking scavs, but the scavs are easy to kill and you get alot of loot from them but its most cheap shit but there is a scav that you kill thinking it a normal one and then it has a fucking like 120k gun and shit. that is why i think night factory is a fucking fun time and also a horror game at the same time

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q9iauq/why_i_think_night_raids_at_factory_are_very_good/

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