Your thoughts about the -20% damage taken on the new stims

Just want to ask you guys what do you think about the new stims with -20% damage taken.

Saw some clips from OnePeg ( … personally I don’t like the -20% damage taken … You survive multiple shotgun rounds and other rounds as a hatchling without any armor … And what if you have a gun and armor … „Chad Stims“. The 5 hp to the chest is okay, but stims which reduce damage taken… nah. Just my opinion, what do you guys say ?

Edit: I don’t want to reeeee or hate … but in my point of view … they should remove the -20% damage taken. It makes the game more like the division and not like the „realistic“ or „immersive“ shooter it once said to be.

Edit 2: after seeing this clip … a hatchling can tank more than 1 bullet into his face …

Edit 3: I am not hating or reeing (or trying to hate or ree) on Nikita or the BSG Team, they are doing a fantastic job and making a fantastic game, but this effect -20% damage taken has to go …


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