A tragedy of the commons. Why randoms will always be trash.

In battle royale, there are limited items on the ground and the faster you find the better ones, the better your odds of personal success. That is not the same as team success, in team success the faster your team finds items and more efficiently they distribute them the more success they will have. I have noticed over my time playing and trying to be a good team player that its just not worth it to help your team. Everyone comes here and complains about the random that is running off to far ahead of the team, gets killed then quits but people are not talking about how the game rewards this behavior and why it will never change till you find people to squad with that are not randoms.

Here is the big issue whoever loots first gets the best loot. Drop with a bunch of randoms at a place with a micro hot spot like pit, or thunder dome, watch how often they go to the same spot, even after you ping the micro hot spot the others go there with you and fight with you over the better items like purple armor. In this event they sacrificed the efficiency of the whole squads looting strategy to try and outloot you or the other squad members. So, then you decide to start going to somewhere else like a different building, then watch those same players go running off to the next spot. If you try to support them as a teammate you will most often be running into areas they already looted, this means it takes you way longer to kit out as you are combing over their leftovers. If you try to go to a different place to get to unlooted buildings or areas, they will very quickly get too far away from the team and sooner or later they will run into a grouped squad that will down them fast while they are alone, now you and the other teammate are stuck in a 3v2 scenario. Part of why they do this is because they are selfish and just want the best loot and they don’t want to go loot any area they know you already did. They are also social cheaters so they know that more altruistic people will often follow them and support them running through a void of leftover loot and picked through boxes, sacrificing their own load outs. It is litterally impossible for you to loot with these people as they are actively trying to stay ahead of you, if you get in a building before them, they will just rush through it and move ahead. The game reinforces this behavior so strongly people learn to behave this way subconsciously.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c3gugv/a_tragedy_of_the_commons_why_randoms_will_always/

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