Okay, this latest Trailer has me scratching my head right now. I bet you’ve thought about this at least once before as well: Do the Legends actually die when they… you know… Die? In Lore?

In the Trailer we saw:

  • Multiple iterations of the same Legend dying more than once (Bangalore, Pathfinder, Gibraltar)

  • Multiple Legends dying, then showing up alive again. (Bangalore, Gibraltar, Pathfinder)

  • All Legends acting friendly to one another as if they weren’t about to kill each other for real.

  • All Legends have a room, all for themselves, in the dropship, indicating that they are living there long-term.

  • Mirage talking about how the “New Guy better not mess up my stats” – as in KD – while being revived by Lifeline.

  • No Legends appear to have “Clones” —> AKA While in game one Wraith might be killing another Wraith, in the Trailer, we clearly see the number of contestants is much lower (Only 4 squads of 3 Legends each), and only one iteration of each shows up on the screen at any given moment (Also, only one room for each legend).

  • Even though we see 12 Legends jumping, Mirage apparently killed 9 Enemies (He says “And here comes Ten and Eleven” – As in “Kills number 10 and 11” while sneaking up on Pathfinder and Wraith), while Crypto killed 9 (He claims that Gibraltar was his 7th Kill, before killing Path and Wraith, that, mind you, we had already seen die before when it comes to Path. Again.)

  • All this before we see Bangalore’s Ult being dropped, indicating that she is, once again, alive.

So, what the hell is going on here? What is the in-lore explanation for all this shit going on? The in-trailer consistency of Mirage’s and Crypto’s counting rules out that these could be multiple matches or alternate universes.

Any Devs care to explain?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/da74s0/okay_this_latest_trailer_has_me_scratching_my/

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