A UI change that can solve rage-quitting

You die. What happens next?

You're forced into viewing your box drop to the ground through a black/white filter, followed by a red Apex banner loading screen, then to a slow transition into the person you're spectating, whether enemy or teammate, it's the SAME. How many times has this sequence blocked you from viewing your teammates victory clutch? Point is, it's long and if you combine that with anger/frustration…back to the lobby right?

Nothing wrong with this death sequence if your squad was wiped BUT if you have teammates to spectate, it should be the smoothest and quickest transition. Similar concept to a doctor giving a baby a needle shot and then immediately giving them a lollipop before he starts crying – I know that analogy was kind of extra. Take out that cut and keep the action going. What yal think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/brhdr1/a_ui_change_that_can_solve_ragequitting/

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