After reading the threads with all the drama I’m honestly shocked at how much money you guys spend on these games…

I'm actually totally in shock that some of you guys are spending so much money to look digitally pretty. As someone who barely even buys dlcs, I thought everyone thought like me. I've literally bought the gold edition of a game once in my life and it was barely worth it. I've bought a season pass maybe twice and it was barely worth it. I learned my lesson and never did those things again. Not that I can't afford these things, I'm super grateful I'm in a position in my life where I can. But I won't do it because 9 times out of 10 you won't get an equal amount of value for what you're paying for, and i also won't do it because it supports a horrible pay model that makes things worse for everyone else who just wants to just enjoy games. I'm glad they only let you pay for cosmetics and animations and stuff that don't affect gameplay, but seriously some of you guys need to re-evaluate what you're actually doing paying hundreds of dollars for digital skins just to look pretty. Since when did we stop playing games for enjoyment and started obsessing about playing dress up with our characters? Geez, I'm just astounded by reading how much hundreds of dollars people are dropping on games. I see why game companies are charging so much now and why these predatory pay models seem to be surfacing more and more and getting more popular. The companies aren't the ones ruining gaming culture, tbh, you guys are. If there weren't so many of you spending so much money on these things they wouldn't exist. Supply and demand.


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