An idea for reworking Lifeline’s Ult

With Loba in the game now, Lifeline’s Ult feels almost…redundant or useless, maybe. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like Lifeline’s Ult needs some kind of rework, which got me thinking:

What if Lifeline’s Ultimate dropped a bot that could revive you or one of your teammates? It would be a one time use per Ultimate kind of deal.

You drop the bot, go into battle, and have a backup in case one of you gets knocked. If you get knocked, just crawl over to the bot and itll revive you. The bot would share Lifeline’s passive ability and would have the shield as well as the increased revive speed. Like Lifeline, the Bot’s shield would only be active during the actual revival process.

As a counter to it, the bot would be destructible like Crypto’s drone or Revenant’s Ult. Similarly, it would also usable by anyone on any team. I think it would fit in nicely with Lifeline’s existing repertoire and perhaps act as a companion of sorts to Revenant’s Ultimate without being too similar. Sort of like Gibraltar and Bangalore’s Ults.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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