Is it just me, or is giving out patch details like this just kind of annoying?

Look I understand that this is going to be a HUGE content drop due to it being the new season and whatnot. There’s also plenty of fun to come out of this by getting to share stuff with everyone as we all slowly get to see what new things have been added/changed… had this happened a week ago. See, my issue is that all of this information is getting dropped literally a day before the patch release and it’s all just getting on my nerves. Like, if all this crap has been experienced by a select amount of people, then why not just release the patch notes to us the audience already? I get that their can be some last minute tweaks and whatnot, but when it’s clear that most of what’s going to be released has already been seen, why not just release an (un)official patch notes? When the games ready to go nobody wants to sit there reading patch notes when they could be playing the damn game! I know this just sounds like a kid who can’t wait to open his Christmas presents already, but I’ll be damned if I said it didn’t urk me the wrong way the way Respawn is going about this. Anyone else with a differing opinion?


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