Any Tips for player, who plays from the day one? (PS4)

Hello, any tips what to do, and what not to do in action etc.? Wherever i land, there is 65464 teams with better equipment than me and my team and i got my ass kicked in couple of seconds. What happened with me? I'm Plat IV, I got 2,5k badge on Bangalore, and 2k badge on Wattson, my max. kills in one match is 11. So i'm not completely noob (i think), but last days i didnt win, and almost every time i died immediately.

When i land safe, got guns, armor etc. half of match is boring, cause we didnt found anyone, and in if we found someone, we got our ass kicked almost immediately and it's frustrating. I've played 6 hours today: No win, few top 5s and rest is dying in few seconds after landing.

I'm pretty pissed, cause i love this game and i want to be better…

i know, it will be hard to help me, but if you give me any tips what you are doing and it working, i'll be glad.

(English is not my primary language, so excuse mistakes in grammar, thx)


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