Anyone else have that one friend who always goes down or dies then blames it on something other than themselves ?

My friend has played Fortnite and Blackout and both of those he loved and Fortnite he wasn't all bad at.

I got him into Apex about a month ago and he plays for about 3 hours a week with my other friend and I.

And ugh basically you can count on him to die first everytime. He'll miss every shot then yell about how whatever gun he was using sucks. The ones I had to stop him on were when he claimed the peacekeeper and R-99 were both trash. Ive actually watched him miss and entire clip with a Hemlok then he yelled saying he put an entire clip into someone.

If it's not the gun he claims the looting system gets him killed. Hell say its too hard to find what you want then call the game dumb.
Hes also kind of hard to cordinate with. My other friend and I will run over to blitz a team and he'll be sitting in a far off building looking at the building we're going in.

We've done our best to introduce him to the game, we even told him to use bangalore and ping certain guns so we can learn them a bit easier.

We still play with him because he's our friend but does anyone else have to a friend they play with who will die then blame anything but themselves ?


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