Anyone think it’s possible that the adrenaline release some of us get in BR games could lead to decreased cardiovascular health?

Last night I had a weird panic attack, never experienced anything like it before. I was in bed at midnight after playing a few hours of apex, sweating hard in ranked lobbies. I couldn’t fall asleep & was experiencing some weird paranoia about heart attacks, and in general kept finding myself convinced that I was dying. Really weird, super uncomfortable. Today I looked into the effects of long-term adrenaline exposure and found some interesting stuff, leading me to believe I have been exposing myself to levels of adrenaline release that are not healthy. Here’s a link for anyone else curious:

Now I love BR games and don’t wanna stop. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to cause your body to stop releasing so much adrenaline during these games? I’m sure this is an issue that affects people differently, so if you don’t have any issues with adrenaline then feel free to ignore this post 🙂


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