Clarification on Heirlooms

So I’ve been reading about ways to get the heirloom, and how theres a “500 pack” guarantee that you would get one. My question is if you get 500 packs will it be guaranteed the wraith drop or is it a 33% chance between wraith, lifeline and bloodhound?

• People are saying that its a toss up at 500 packs that you could get one of the three.

• Other people are also saying that the new heirlooms don’t get added to the “500 packs” until one has passed. Meaning the bloodhound and lifeline’s heirloom are not possible until you obtain the kunai with the first 500 packs. It’s also backed up by the information it says about the heirloom for the current event.

I’ve spent about $400 over the course of season 1, 2 and 3. Most of the purchased packs being in season 1 when wraith was the only one with a heirloom. Will be getting paid within next week and and I’ll finish up my first 500 packs, but just want some clarification.

For anyone wondering, I’m a wraith main and I want the kunai set. Please don’t comment anything negative only useful comments & discussions please.


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