Apex Legends and video games are messing with us!

Ok so last night me and my dad were talking about the Knights Templar and the lore behind him involving Satan and Christians but check this out why is Revenant having one hand up and one hand down as his animation when one of his skins is literally called FALSE IDOL look up images of Baphomet and then look at Revenant while he's wearing a skin with horns and not only that but also look at Caustics skin with his DIVINE RIGHT skin notice how the crosses on his costume look like The Knights Templar cross but a little disfigured but not only that but did you know some Knights Templar actually had their tongues or eyes removed so they couldn't see or speak of the things they did huh and whatca know CAUSTIC IS MISSING HIS EYES AND ARE COVERED BY A CLOTHE! This might all be coincidence (no it isn't) but its seems a little to related to all of these things I'm talking about theres more too but I'm just ending it here too dont get me wrong I love Apex legends but all video games have subliminal messages like Faust in COD Kino der toten my gamertag for xbox live is GAM3RBOY1505 good luck out there during these rough times and let me know if this is correlated like I say

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