Apex Legends Character Discussion

(mini description needed and looking for other names) Name: Warmonger – offensive character

(name needed) Passive: Has a unique slot for consumables.

It isn't a space for ammo or attachments. You can keep thow-ables and meds in this slot.

(name needed) Tactical: Make digital ammo stacks for you or your teammates to use.

Spawn in 10 ammo for each gun you have. it drops on the ground so anyone can pick it up. the animation
is "long" (bloodhounds ultimate as an example) so you can't spam it. You have 3 charges, each charge
has a 30 sec cool down. If you have one gun, it gives you 20 ammo of that type.

(name needed) Ultimate: make an exact digital copy of the gun in hand.

You make a copy of the gun you currently have equipped (attachments will also be replicated). the digital
copy looks like the original but is a hazy blue with a glichy affect. The digital copy is usable until it, and the
original, run out of a full clip of ammo. You cant Aim down sights while it is active. it auto reloads the
original gun during animation for the spawn in of the digital copy. If your clip if already full, the reload
animation for the original won't happen. the animation for the ultimate is quick so the ability can be used as a last
resort or full-send in battle.

EXTRA NOTES: "Digital" refers to something like the digi-jacks in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (including spawn animation). Look up what I am talking about if you don't know what I mean so you get a good idea of the aesthetic of the character. Please recommend names for the abilities and whatnot so, if this gets used for something *wink towards Respawn*, it is a community project sort of deal. Ideas and changes are accepted, so comment as you wish.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bq6kdy/apex_legends_character_discussion/

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