Apex Legends Duo Ranked And Rewards



Season 6 Ranked Duos And Rewards


Hello Everyone,

I feel Ranked Duos should be apart of Apex legends. I get tired of having to always find a third person that can synergistically work as a team with the same strategies. I think we should have a choice, since Duos is currently a permanent playlist. The meta would be different in duos and something new to look forward to since ranked has only been focused on three people teams and not much has changed in the ranked series.

The next thing is I think the ranked rewards need to be increases for player retention and scalability in the categories players can try to strive for. I don't think the current rewards of getting a dive trail for 3 months and only keep a charm, badge is worth the accompanied stress that can come with a competitive atmosphere. To put this in context, most competitive events have higher substantial rewards since alot of effort is put in. I am not speculating adding in real world money prizes but something in-game that would be beneficial to the players, the company business wise through the engagement and hype for reward changing.

If you agree with me, please comment with your thoughts and potential rewards. Give a thumbs 👍 up so the Devs can see this. A response can come and potentially give us something less stale to keep us engaged throughout the next season !

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