Apex needs a change

Im sorry i know its popular for a lot of people but for someone who comes into this game and just wants to casually play i feel like some changes are needed.

They need a ranking system, i am not good. im not bad. But i feel like most of the time when im dropping i will end up dying to better players a lot of the time. I get that the more i play i will improve but not when i am facing way more skilled players all the time. I think if they added a ranking system that would make the gameplay experience so much more enjoyable, i will be facing similar skilled players (meaning i wont get d*cked on every game lmao.

I also find the gunplay kinda boring from time to time. I am seeing a lot of mozams and triple takes on the ground, and not finding many good guns, even in popular areas. i also find the guns are dealing very little damage. I mean an R-99 doing 24 damage in 2 hits, that to me is ridiculous..

just my personal opinion from a noobs pov 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c6qfco/apex_needs_a_change/

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