Being a “top tier” player involving stats

So I've been thinking a lot about stats and how people like to say that the best players are the ones that have the best stats. For example: daltoosh is thought to be one of the best players in apex because of his stats. Well I think, while that is probably true, there is also another factor people dont consider often; and that is time. I think to be one of the best players according to stats, there are 2 different factors involved. The first is that you have to be a good player no matter what in order to place top 5,000 for a specific character, maybe even top 10,000 or top 15,000 with that character. The second factor is simply just having time to play. There is no possible way to maintain top 5,000 for a specific character without playing the game more than the average person. I believe that there are players possibly even better than people like daltoosh that just simply dont have the time to prove it or play the game. Some guy that could have amazing stats but works 12 hours a day and plays maybe 2 hours a day never can say he is a top tier player and people believe him simply because he does not have the time to play and get the top tier stats everyone judges on. I've personally played in competitive and have seen this happen a few times. What is everyone else's thoughts?


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