bloodhound buff idea?

(I re uploaded this with changes to the writing more importantly not assigning a gender on bloodhound if I offended anyone with my previous post I am truly sorry)

I heard bloodhound is "useless" and how they can't get out of most situations they runs into since they do not have a any movement type abilities, though I disagree with giving them a disengage type ability, I do agree that bloodhound deserves a type of buff/ rework, and came up with this. First their passive, when bloodhound see's ONLY footprints tracks if they follow them they'll slowly move faster (it can only reach half the speed of octane on stim) this allows them to catch up to their enemy and allows them to be useful for finding enemy's. along with that i fell like their tactical should be also be changed a bit I think that bloodhound should still be able to use it to see enemy's if used normally, however i wanted to add in a new tracking mode to it (since they are a tracker) and its when they find tacks like footprints that were recent (30 seconds to be exact) they can hold "E" to track it, what this will do is that they'll examine the track the duration the tracking will be 5 seconds and once done examining the tracks they will see red footsteps (like when they pop ult) of were that enemy went for the next 6 track, this will help bloodhound get a good idea of where there enemy's went or are going and the cool down time for the ability should be reduced to 20 seconds. with these buffs/rework i feel like bloodhound will be a better legend to pick and will be a better tracker since that's the role they are assigned to. If you read this thank you for your time and i would love to hear you opinion on the matter, Bloodhound is my most played legend and I would love if my idea was taken into consideration.


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