Bloodhound Buff Ideas: Fear and Bloodlust

Lets just jump right into it…

Fear: Slowed for 2 seconds. (Stacks 2 times).

(Tunnel vision and heart pulsing effect on enemies screen)

Bloodlust: For each kill while using "Beast of the Hunt" increase its duration by 10 seconds.

Enemies caught within "Eye of the Allfather" gain Fear.

Enemies that hear "Beast of the Hunt" gain Fear.

(Hear would be a limited 360 radius of the user)

Make "Tracker" tracks last 2 mins instead of 1.5 mins.

Discuss…or listen to my take.


My take:

TL:DR: Bloodhound is more of an anchor* and needs more defensive abilities and offensive bite.

I am an average player and I mostly play BloodHound, Bangalore and Lifeline. Average in that I usually get 1-3 kills a game, rarely "pop off", 9-10 hours of playtime a week and I don't have the 2k or 20 kill badges yet. I like playing Bloodhound because he has the least broken abilities in the game. This allows me to focus on my aiming, gun play, positioning and movement. I cannot count how many times I have used an ability at a terrible time and got myself killed because of it. However, since everyone else has crazy abilities, why should I handicap my self? Mostly because I am a masochist, it's fun to give yourself a limit, those basic skills translate to any FPS and once I get good those badges will have extra meaning.

Anyways, there have been plenty of times where I finish a team and my teammates are down and I get third partied. If I was Bangalore I could smoke and buy time, if I was Lifeline I could res quickly and heal, if I was Gibraltar I could drop my shield etc. All these abilities are great for before, during and after the battle. While Bloodhound's are usually only good before and during a battle, and even then they give away your position.

I remember when I finished off a team, with less than 30 hp and immediately went for the res on my Pathfinder teammate who probably had ult. The third party that I didn't hear coming came in seconds before I could finish the res. The third party is the unknown variable I cannot control, nor can anyone, but some can handle it way better.

With Fear I can stall a third party push so I can grab a heal, res a teammate, block a door, grab some ammo, change shields or run away. If anyone has played Overwatch, Lucio has an ability that speed boosts his team for a set amount of time. Well, what I am offering is a reverse speed boost, as it slows your enemies up to 4 seconds. As a half DPS forward and half anchor, those 4 seconds would be invaluable.

Also, thematically Fear fits very well within Bloodhound's profile of stalking prey that tap into fight or flight instincts when hunted. With Bloodlust, which also fits thematically, you can be ready for the third party before it happens by prolonging the speed boost "Beast of the Hunt" provides. Additionally, going for a thirst during a team fight has an even higher reward accompanying the risk.

Fear can very much be used offensively as well, by using both "Eye of the Allfather" and "Beast of the Hunt" you and your team can push another team quickly, stop stragglers from running and force people to stay 4 seconds longer in the zone.

I don't think reducing incoming damage while using "Beast of the Hunt" is a good idea. As it kinda seems tacked on and doesn't really fit the theme, especially since it was used to make Gibraltar and Caustic more beefy and little too overpowered. Which will ruin the reason why I play the character so much. However, I do add a slight spin on Bloodlust in the other stuff section below.

Well that is just my 2 cents, I hope I am able to influence the development of one of my favorite characters in some way. Thank you for reading!


Other Stuff:

Bloodlust (ALT1): Each kill with "Beast of the hunt" adds 10 seconds to its duration AND adds 33% health to the user. (Does not replenish shields)

Bloodlust (ALT2): Each kill with "Beast of the hunt" reduces the cool down of your next "Beast of the hunt" by 15%

Alternative name for Bloodlust could be "The Hunt Continues".

*Anchor: Slower to get going and not meant to be on the front line constantly, because they do not have a reset button like Wraith or Pathfinder.

Also, I understand this kinda works similar to Crypto, but it still requires Bloodhound to be pretty close to his enemy, it still gives away his position and there is no damaging effect.

Also, if a developer does read this…please add Great Winter back to the store. Thank you for your time!


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