Bloodhound does not work (literally)

I got a huge problem with my favorite legend. I think that Bloodhound is currently "OK" he is not good but also not bad. But my biggest issue with Bloodhound is his tracking ability.

Well If I know people are inside my building or next to me and I want to check them out and press my ability. It scans the area but does not find any enemies tho he is right next to me…. This is just very frustrating since I want to know if he his camping behind a corner or not and if the scanning does not work it feels very shit tbh.

Is there any reason why this is happening ? He is my favorite character to play but this happens more often now and it is really frustrating…." Scanning the area" "No hostiles" even tho he is right next to me or under me….
I would be a happy bloodhound if they could fix that somehow…


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