Bloodhound needs some changes

Bloodhound is a great character and I love playing him, but there are some major flaws with this character that I want to point out.

Tactical: Bloodhound’s tactical that allows him to scan wall’s for enemies or traps is good, but that fact that the enemy becomes aware that they’ve been scanned and from which direction renders it almost completely useless and defeats the purpose of knowing their location.

Plus, if there is no enemy in range, people can still see the scan which would reveal Bloodhound instead.

Ultimate: I love Bloodhound’s ultimate and it’s really fun to use, but when you activate it, it makes a loud noise that can be heard from really far away, making everyone in proximity know your location.

Also while it is active he radiates a lot of noise, so anybody who getting pushed will know before he reaches them.

Passive: Bloodhound’s passive is perfectly fine. There are no problems with it. It allows you to track players within a minute of them traveling through, without them knowing they’re being tracked. This is the most important part about this character and it really gives him the name of a Technological Tracker.

Last thing I want to discuss is Bloodhound’s hit box. This is probably his biggest issue. Out of all the characters without Fortify, Bloodhound is the easiest to hit. But it’s not his body hit box that’s the issue, it’s his head hit box. He wears such an enormous helmet which makes him significantly more vulnerable to headshot damage, putting him at a huge disadvantage in firefights.

It is so frustrating to see with the new death recap feature that half the shots taken by the enemy were headshots. He needs either Fortify, or a significantly reduced head hit box.

Bloodhound is meant to be a hunter but he inevitably reveals himself more than he actually reveals enemies.

I thought it was a good time to write this following the Iron Crown event and Bloodhound’s new heirloom. I think it would be a good idea to fix him as soon as possible so that more players can enjoy him and his awesome new heirloom.

Please tell me what you think. Do you agree with this or do you not? I want more people to be aware of this. (Sorry for the long post)


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