Hear me out

While there are many different issues with the game; unfair scoiting with EBRs, raining hellfire that is Artillery, braindead players, declining playarbase, etc. There is one that i personally haven't seen people talk about that much and that is the map size. While yes back in the pre 1.0 days the maps felt massive, they are now undersized for what the game contains. Just look at the scouting mechanics back before 1.0 and what they are now, a lot has changed. Back before the wheeled lights were added the games (while yes they may have gone just as fast with skilled scouts) lasted longer and had more of a tactics based battle system. Now people are forced to guess where to go at the start of a battle and just pray that it works out. All of this change is because of the wheeled lights. About the artillery. Point being: back in the day the artillery was less obnauctious because of the explosion radius of the HE shells and the chance for the AP shells to miss entirely. The new artillery system is annoying because of the small maps. You get spotted you die because the artillery are so close that the shells get there almost instantly. The problem isn't the EBRs or the Artillery or even your teammates. It is the map sizes. If the map standard was even just 2/3 the size of a grand battle we wouldn't have some of the problems thst we have now. Think about it, the ebrs can get to the other side of a map in a minute light up the enemy team and win the battle by being over there first. The artillery wouldn't be so punishing because it would take a longer time for the shell to get to it's destination, and the teams wouldn't bave to compete for who could be ready for combat faster.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/m57uss/hear_me_out/

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