Bloodhound suggestions

Here’s some suggestions for Bloodhound to make him a more viable character and to fix him:
– For his ultimate, if you see an enemy and you hit/shoot them, they are highlighted for you and your teammates for 3 seconds even if they are behind walls. This makes the ultimate useful for your team if they can’t see who you are shooting at.
-Increase ultimate recharge time to 240 seconds to balance the new abilities.
– Fix the eye of the allfather text, because when you reveal an enemy and the text for the ring timer pops up, it covers it up and you cannot tell if you found an enemy or not
– Fix the Beast of the hunt glitch, where you skip the animation if you climb a ledge. (Sorry bloodhound mains, but it is a glitch)
– Increase the Eye of the Allfather range, so the 35 second cool down makes sense.
– Maybe speed up Beast if the hunt animation so we don’t have to use glitches to skip it.
– When using Eye of the allfather, make it easier to see the enemy, because it’s hard to see your enemy when your vision is unsaturated and can only see their past positions.
-That’s all I have, if you agree or disagree reply


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