Advice for people Struggling with long loading times for maps!

Hey everyone, im not sure how useful this will be for people but i felt i should at least try to contribute with things ive found that have helped a fellow HDD using scrub like myself get better load times for maps seem as i currently do not have a SSD, these "fixes" arent meant to make your game run flawlessly they are simply to just help you load in as fast as possible with what you have.

My pc specs:

16gb ram

GTX 750TI 2gb

amd 6300 processor

some old 1TB harddrive ive used for 6 years now

Heres a list of things i attempted which had some form of impact on the speed of my load times:

1: using an external harddrive for Tarkov.

I know it sounds stupid but for me this worked well, from college i had an old 500mb external harddrive which i no longer used, transferring the game and the launcher onto a completely clear formatted external harddrive seems to give the game more ease when loading maps my times on woods for example went from 6 minutes+ down to just under 4 minutes, maybe not a big improvement but for something as simple as just reinstalling the game somewhere else it is good in my books.

2: if your pc can handle it, dont forget to set your game in task manager to be running above normal or high process wise this just means your pc will allocate more of its attention towards the program this mianly boosted my fps more than anything but i did see a slight improvement in map load times aswell.

3: Virtual memory, at first i had no clue wht this was to be honest but after checking a few sites i came to realise if you have the space adding some virtual memory can help improve map load times and in general slightly improve the performance of your pc, its reccomended that your virtual memory should be set minimum 1.5x less than the ram you have (in MB ) or max 3x the amount of ram you have in my case having 16gb of ram i set my virtual memory to be 32gb ( 32000mb) this helped improve my loadtimes by a solid minute in maps like woods.

This post is not meant to be taken as some quick fix for tarkov or a post stating i know how to fix things i have just found alot of people and friends complaining about load times seem as they have a lower spec pc, if there is any problems with this post please let me know and if you have any questions feel free to dm me, also if you are to comment please dont just put "buy an SSD" this is targeted at people who maybe cant afford an SSD right now but they still want to play the game enjoyably instead of loading into the game 2 minutes later than everyone else instantly being at a disadvantage.


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