Can 3d partying please be fixed?

I dropped this game few months ago, just when I started getting really competitive, because I realized that biggest problems of this game are its fundamental things: fast pasted gameplay and incredibly long TTK(time to kill). Both of this things are good in its own way, but in apex they create a horrible 3d partying problem. Because ttk is so long(everyone can run and heal very fast) and people can rotate around the map pretty fast, literally every fight you take winner gets 3d partyed. Personally, it’s the only thing about the game that really frustrates me(yes, not even STILL BROKEN pathfinder hitbox or very poor s1 bpass). It’s makes the game very not fun to play because you as a player literally can’t do anything:you can’t turn around and kill 3d party(because of incredibly long ttk, ofc), you usually can’t run. The only thing you can do is try to end first fight as fast as possible(which means you have to push constantly when other team runs to heal, even though you might me low as well), and run away from loot after finishing the fight just to heal if you know you are about to get 3d party. Or you can hide in a bush and 3d party someone yourself(which I think is a frustrating l way to play)
I started playing again, and just after 5 hours of play I can still see that 3d partying is still the biggest problem for me.

How to fix it? Easy. You can give players hp/shields when they kill someone(like in fortnite), or(if you want to make it harder) you can make that when you pick up a body shield it doesn’t replace you current shield(if you have a better one), but instead adds shield cells to your current shield.
I heard watson in s2 might be a 3d party counter or something, but for now- the problem still exists.


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