Can we get a Dev reply about the state of S6?

Season 6 has been the least amount of fun Ive ever had in this game. The armor changes have been absolutely terrible. I actually wish I had played the game before I picked up the battle pass, because I 100% would not have picked it up.

What I would like to know from a dev: is this going to be the standard TTK from here on out? If so, I am done. S6 will be the last season I will play.

I truly dont understand why you just dont drop with 100 HP shields, and 100 HP and call it a day. The best fights in Apex are when everyone is on equal footing regardless of if you win or lose.

At the very least revert this armor change and remove EVO armor from the game. Its so ironic that EVO armor was created to encourage fighting and less camping, and because of the armor change, S6 is just all about who is the best camper.

One single patch removed all the fun from the game. Very sad.


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