Can we PLEASE address the Blue screen error problem?

TLDR: Losing my mind due to exhausting all troubleshooting methods to try and fix Error CE-34787.

Error CE-34878 on PS4.

I've been experiencing this issue prominently since the start of season 3. Used to be once a day maybe, if that. Now its every 30-90 minutes. I can get in a couple of matches but by the 3rd somewhere through I get the blue screen of death and get kicked from the match.

This makes it extremely hard to even enjoy myself some days. I can't just warm up and get in the groove because eventually I'll have killed 3 people and it's still over 10 squads in match and I get kicked and I get Nothing. It's very upsetting to put it lightly.

Before I go further let me tell you I've done every possible trouble shooting method I can.

  • Classic restart/Reboot from off

  • Delete Apex and redownload

  • Delete apex and use Physical edition disc

  • Transfer download to extended storage (2tb)

-Transfer back to internal storage from extended storage

  • Rebuild Database from sleep mode (PS4)

  • Initialize PS4 (and download full system software from Sony onto a USB)

I bluescreened 30 minutes in.

I even talked to Sony afterward and explained every thing I had done to troubleshoot and they said that I've already exhausted all of their methods as well. And there's nothing they could do.

Now I also remember a month ago or so a Dev commented on a thread about bluescreening. (I can't find the thread)
And he stated that he was frustrated because he knew how to fix it. Yet the patch kept getting delayed or something along those lines.
So what want to know is where is that patch and when can we expect it ??? Anybody else experiencing this??


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