Can we talk about how insanely strong Gibraltar is?

Thanks to his huge hitbox, ADS shield you can see a mile away, and dome shield that always deploys just a second too late, he's been the butt of jokes since the game came out. In ranked, he's earned a reputation as the "throw" legend, picked as a troll when someone takes Pathfinder off you.

But I just played a game with him, and I got my highest damage ever.

He's ridiculously good. His ADS shield = infinite health, so long as you don't stay in fights after it breaks. I felt like I used half as many shield cells as I do when using Caustic. His dome shield is kind of a poor man's Wattson ult, denying nade spam while you get a heal/revive off. With practice you can also do fast Peacekeeper peeks through it, whacking enemies with 110 damage while taking no damage yourself.

His Fortify passive means he's very bad news 1v1. He tanks like 300 damage, and his immunity to bullet slow lets him do fast slides mid-combat.

Maybe I'm nuts, but I think is the worst part of his kit is his ult. It's obviously powerful, but I still haven't gotten a kill with it. It just charges so slowly – you get to use it maybe 2-3 times per game (unlike Caustic's ult, which is up for pretty much every fight.)

Does anyone really enjoy Gibraltar these days?


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