Character hop ups/ character reworks.

Intro: I love apex legends but sometime feel like the abilities of legends can be a little too one dimensional or underwhelming. perhaps this is simply due to what feels like the very long break between legend releases or perhaps re-spawn don't want the game to become to ability intensive and would rather focus on making the game a more competitive FPS.

So my base idea is to alter the abilities of characters via a hop-up like (or similar) system. As the game currently stands many characters seem to under perform in the roles they are assigned. The tanks primarily camp, healers cant heal, offensive abilities are only somewhat impact full and certain characters seems uh…broken? looking at you pathfinder (overpicked) /bloodhound (underpicked).

Core Idea: Much like weapons hop ups this will primarily alter ones play style, specifically by making the abilities more useful/interesting and also making class and team comps more important. Initially I thought that each character would have their own hop ups but i feel like this alter loot density too much so I came up with 3 solutions

1) a generic purple hop up that boosts unlocks your characters abilities

2) add this utility to blue and above knockdown shields

3) require 1 or 2 kills to effect change

Now here are some character ideas that I thought in one sitting so feel free to add your thoughts, ideas, or critiques in the replies. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of programming to make this work would be insane but I can always hope 8-).

TANK CLASS: I attempted to increase these characters defensive utility to PUNISH people who push through defensive abilities.

I want people to say things life "thank goodness we had a Gibraltar" not "screw you caustic your abilities was less help then harm

Gibraltar will specialize in longer rages, caustic at close range CC, and wattson is maintains cc but with QOL boosts and provides more utility.

GIBRALTAR: PRO: Allow friendlies to shoot through the barrier. CON: reduce out going damage by 50% (removed if character has no shields) *revert dome item use buff

CAUSTIC: PRO: Friendly movement unaffected by nox gas, they can also get an alert when enemies enter the cloud similar to mirage/wattson CON: 50% less damage if enemies have shields but 50 percent more if they don't

WATTSON PRO: Intercepted grenades are distributed to you, enemies hit by your pylon have their abilities put on a 10 second cool down, or boost your whole teams shield by one bar per tick (max one bar per 5 seconds). CON: pylon can only catch 5 grenades before they start coming through

MOVEMENT CLASS: The goal here was increase mobility in three seperate ways. Pathfinder increases team survivability especially for contesting high ground. Octane gets a true escape that cannot be exploited and his ult lets teams play farther from the circle Wraith increases her ability to use her ult offensively or to escape without being followed. (or punish a player who enters her portal )

PATHFINDER PRO: after 1 second on a zip line self or teammates develop a shield around their body that absorbs 100 damage CON: zip lines have 3 shields that can each only be used once/ enemies can use these as well. (however there is a max of three shields per zip regardless of who is using the zip)

OCTANE: PRO: your base ability now throws jumpads that allow you and your team regular use with a minor speed boost. Enemies who use them will be bounced in a random direction. Ult becomes a team speed boost. for 5 seconds.

CON Slower ult charge unless 1) your or a teammate is in the storm then it charges faster 2) you have the banner of teammate

WRAITH PRO: the ability to shut down her portal CON/PRO: grenades or offensive abilities can be teleported through the rift as well.


These heroes greatly increase your team offensive capabilities. Bangalore get a more offensive kit and specializes in breaching/negating enemy defenses Mirage maintains his deceptive tactics however, they become harder to ignore and his passive also becomes much more offensive. Bloodhound rewards your team with powerful buffs and can crush camping or teams that are hiding out, however once your team accumulates the most powerful buffs there are significant downsides.

BANGALORE PRO: grenade launcher can launch your actual grenades and they can be set to "impact" CON: grenades must be manually loaded only 1 charge with a 20 second cool down. Smoke grenades can be toggled but only 2 of them.

HER ult would change to be more in line with an actual Bangalore by shooting a line of explosives on hose. This can shatter Gibraltar domes, destroy or disperse caustic gas, and watt sons abilities.

MIRAGE: PRO: your decoy can be set to fake a run with erratic movement, to simulate fire on an enemy, can take wraith portals, and interact with doors/supply drops . It can also be set to assume a teammates identity. your passive will activate at 25% health once every 5 minutes. CON longer cooldown and will not fool bloodhound/or crypto

BLOODHOUND: PRO can mark a set of track that reveals 1 enemies location via ping every 10 seconds. Once tacking you cannot remove the track. Killing the target gives your entire team a an offensive perk up to 5 perks and pledging 1 target kill per revive. 10% dps drop until contract fullfilled

1) 25% cool down reduction

2) 25% faster reload speed

3) revives half the speed

4)15% movement speed buff while beast of the hunt is active

5)20% damage boost

other possible tier 4 or 5 perks: touching an enemy lootbox auto equips a higher level shield or replaces lvl 3 shields/ can punch downed enemies with one punch, team takes 15% less damage

scanned enemies have their abilities locked for 5 seconds bloodhound gets a 10% speed buff per scanned enemy for 5 seconds

Best of the hunt: cannot be heard by enemies.

CON: dying resets all perks, the target will be told at the start of your track YOU ARE BEING HUNTED. If your team has 5 perks they cannot be re spawned and their loot box will burst into a flock of crows upon death (cannot be looted either) this can be removed at negated by offering the all your perks to the all father (banners are auto recovered)

HEALER CLASS: lifeline is currently difficult to use as a revive specialist and her abilities lose effectiveness as the game progress. The changes here make her better team choice, and give your team a slight edge without telling the entire map where you are. Crypto is already versatile as he provides real time tracking on entire teams (more accurately and safer then bloodhound), can destroy shields and provides CC

LIFELINE: PRO: revive shield is silent and will remain standing for 5 seconds after revive. Care package appears to be a game care package and will release and stun burst if opened by an enemy. ALWAYS gives one purple shield. Drone heals 3x as fast

CON: none

CRYPTO: drone can be set to follow a team mate and deflect 25% of shots or heal the team like lifelines old heal bot.

P.S on an unrelated topic can the winners of a game convert some of their legend tokens into crafting materials more per kill/ranked tiers yada yada…like eventually we need an incentive to win and not feel like the grind is meaningless. I know EA loves money but if the game keeps on improving people will still buy exclusive cosmetics and battle passes and EAs reputation/player count, and player loyalty is probably worth more in the long run.


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