Chris Edgerly, voice of Pathfinder, will game with followers tomorrow at from 12PM -2PM PST! (stream name TheEdgevoice)

Okay, instead of accepting invites or requests, this time I'm going to narrow it down to anyone following me on Mixer, which is the streaming service I use. I've been streaming regularly there for a few weeks now and it's been fun connecting with all the Apex fans there.

So, if you find me on Mixer tomorrow (channel name is TheEdgevoice) and follow the stream, I'll do my best to jump into a match or two with you. Last time we did this we had more folks than I could get to and that was after three hours so slots are going to be limited. Just follow the stream and then send me a message and I'll go right down the list.

I'll answer questions, and yes, as always, I'll do the voice.

Hope to see you on the Drop Ship, Friends!

(Also, I'm working on a new highlight video for you guys, so stay tuned!)


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