Things I Learned In The Past 3 Months – My First Wipe – Beginners Guide

About me: I got this game in the last 3 months and I have 900 hours and this is my first wipe.

This game is incredibly hard to play at first. No lie.

Things I Learned:

#1. Bring a big backpack (Horde that stuff, anything bigger than a Berkut, horde it.)

#2. Don't use bad ammo. Bringing less good ammo is better than bringing lots of bad ammo.

#3. Don't feel bad if you die. It's okay, you will die, often.

#4. Don't be afraid of 3rd partying a fight. Often times, you can pinch one team at the least and kill them.

#5. Sell everything you don't use regularly. Guns, attachments, etc.

#6. Bring grenades. A guy might have lv6 Zabralo armor covering his entire body with a lv6 Maska faceshield and die to a $15k grenade while he has $1M on his body worth of stuff.

#7. Pull up a map. IDC how you do it. Learn the map. Learn the callouts (mainly applies if you play with a squad). Get a Sherpa into new maps. Unless you want to just YOLO.

#8. Muzzle flash is a huge factor. Why can't you see with that unsilenced META M4? Because muzzle flash. Use a high scope on your gun like a bravo-4 with a pk06 and muzzle flash go bye bye. Alternatively you can silence your gun.

#9. IMO (surv kit > cms if you can fit it). The extra health on your limbs will save your ADS speed many times over if you lose them again.

#10. Getting shot at and you can't really tell where? Turn a 180. If they're still shooting, you can most likely pinpoint from where.

#11. Masks help. Wear a dark mask if you're playing in a dark area.

#12. You can put items cases inside of items cases by putting them in a backpack. SAVE YO SPACE.

#13. Tip your mags. Fill the bottom half with worse ammo than the top half of your mag.

#14. Canted sights give you more ADS speed.

#15. Try to keep a nice inventory so you're not that guy that everyone waits for in the lobby.

#16. Have fun and enjoy the game 🙂


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