Current State of the Game

Typically I’m quiet about this stuff, because I just play the game for, ya know, fun, but as of late I just can’t stand this game. This is gonna come off as your typical rant, but instead of just bitching about everything the game has to offer without any context, I’ll mention the good, the bad, the issues, and plenty of stuff in between. Let’s start with some positivity and mention the good things.

——-The Good——-

  • Diversity:There is a very diverse roster that players can choose from, and each are viable in their own sense. Yes, there are some that shine brighter than others, but that doesn’t mean that others are garbage. One legends weakness can be another’s strength, which is unique.

  • Gunplay: This games gunplay is very smooth… when it works at least. The movement and pacing of the game is very fast and fluid, and battles can get pretty intense, pretty quick. I can be shooting a dude on a roof then be force to go inside due to an ult, then smoke everyone out from inside using some caustic gas. It’s all very intense and it feels like I’m actually doing something.

  • Cooperation: Unlike a lot of BR’s, this focuses a lot on teamwork which is a nice shift. It’s really difficult to completely carry a full squad on your back, not to say it’s not impossible, but people’s lives become much easier if the team is well coordinated.

  • Experimenting: Its nice to see the Devs experimenting with things, trying to shift the meta, see what works and doesn’t work, it’s nice to see that they want change the game. Is this always done perfectly? Absolutely fucking not, but at least they’re trying so I gotta give them credit for that.

——-The Bad———

  • Servers: We all know this was gonna be the first one mentioned. The servers are fucking garbage, period. Whenever someone asks if others have been lagging and whatnot, you’ll always get some jackass claiming it’s your internet. Sometimes it is, yeah you should make sure your connection is stable, but when it comes to Apex, 95% of the time it’s not you. I can play a game of Warzone perfectly fine and then swap over to apex and start phasing like wraith despite me playing Revanant. People are constantly rubber banding, disconnecting, experiencing high ping and packet loss, and it’s weird because it’s only on Apex from what I’ve noticed. I said the gunplay is good when it works, this is what makes it not work, and sadly it happens a lot more than I’d like to admit.

  • Matchmaking: This shit is just awful. Yeah I understand lobbies need to get filled up, but you shouldn’t match a solo, level 33, against a full team of preds. I’m level 220, I’m decent at the game, but I shouldn’t be facing off against the best of the best every single game. I’m okay with a challenge, but at least give me a third damn teammate. I’ve gone into trios and end up playing duos so many times I’ve lost count. It happens so frequently that one time I loaded into trios, a teammate immediately left, I got into a fight with my other teammate and thought they were teaming because they had 3. I forgot I was playing trios, that’s how often I spawn in with only 1 other person, and it’s obnoxious lol.

  • SBMM: Just remove this unless your gonna do it right. Obviously the systems been fumbled over and over again so please, either do it right or don’t do it at all.

  • Balance: This game does have a few balancing issues. Gibby being able to soak up a million damage, Wraiths hitbox practically vanishing when she runs, Guns being blatantly overpowered, and so on. It’s nice that the Devs are attempting to fix balancing issues, but if I’m being honest, they miss the nail 80% of the time. The Havok is extremely powerful, so instead of fixing it they reduced the clip by 4 bullets. Now a person using it can only knock 2 of my squad mates and break the 3rds shield rather than having a full wipe, Awesome. The community will scream to do something with wraiths hitbox, Gibbies gunshield, Caustic Gas, Wattson fences, Broken weapons, the list goes on, but instead of addressing the issues that were mentioned they go and do something that has absolutely no correlation to the problem. People will complain about wraiths hitbox? How about we rework her whole kit and give her the same hitbox. Nobody asked for this. I feel like they see the nail they have to hit, but when they try to hammer it down they just hit their finger lol.

  • Bugs: Gezuz, there are so many bugs. Sometimes my traps will fall through the floor, Sometimes my drone will float up into the heavens, sometimes an item will get stuck somewhere, sometimes I can’t place a trap somewhere I obviously should be able to, sometimes abilities won’t work properly, sometime my bullets won’t register, sometimes I’ll get shot behind cover, sometimes my sight will disappear when aiming, sometimes when I reconnect I just can’t do anything, sometimes I won’t be able to heal when using a certain sniper, sometimes my revive will cancel because fuck me, sometimes my heals won’t finish despite the timer being at 0 because fuck me, there are so many damn bugs it’s kinda surprising. Whenever they fix one they manage to bring back like 3 old ones.

  • Combat: While I said the gunplay is good, this doesn’t mean that the combat doesn’t have its flaws. When you win a fight in apex it’s not “wow, that was fun” it’s more along “thank god it’s over, and now there’s another team shooting at us”. I feel like the victors are decided less on skill and more along the lines of who shows up last. On both maps you are constantly subjected to third, fourth and fifth parties, and I think there are a couple reasons for this. Bullets can literally be heard across the map, I don’t know why but they are. The maps aren’t massive, and the movement of the game is very fast, so who’s idea was it to make a single R-99 bullet be able to be heard 400 meters away. You shoot 1 bullet and the whole map converges on your location. To top it off, the first victors are out at a very large disadvantage. Looting is much slower in this game compared to others because you have to go into the death boxes, even slower on console, so constantly being forced to shoot your ammo, use you consumables, and you abilities, obviously you don’t have much time to do… well anything but shoot really. This obviously doesn’t include the final circles where there are 5 full squads in a tiny ass circle and not a bullet is being fired, but that’s besides the point.

  • Cheaters: You encounter so much damn bullshit on this game, and what’s funny is that they don’t even try to hide it. You can see a person using wall hacks, aimbots, XIM on console (you can tell, it’s quite obvious), teaming, with absolutely no care in the world. It’s probably due to them being able to just make another account if they get punished, but that’s a big IF. I mean shit, PlayStation doesn’t even have a report feature to report someone. They’re douches for doing it in the first place, but it’s more so on there bein mag such a minimal to no punishment for doing so in the first place.

  • The Community: You can bring up all the points you want, in the end nobody can say that the Apex Community isn’t toxic as hell. While it’s not as bad as something such as R6S, Overwatch, LoL, or TLOU II, it’s still toxic. People always complaining about randoms, then proceed to do exactly what they were just whining about. People constantly pinging as if the person doesn’t know. People leaving the second their mains picked or are knocked. People teaming and/or justifying the act. People smurfing to Pubstomp. People not reviving/respawning when they can do so perfectly fine. Discussions being based more on “you suck” rather than actual comments to build off of. People sending annoying ass essays to others because they do a bad play or gets sniped in a gamemode with only sniper and shotguns (though I guess I’m doing the same with this, oh well). The community is so toxic that the only nice things you’ll see is under the art categories and sometimes creative ideas. Am I being an ass for actually saying that the community is part of the problem? Maybe. Am I being completely honest? Yah. Am I being a hypocrite for bitching about the community yet am still part of it? Probably. But hey, someone has to say otherwise it’s just gonna keep going on downhill.

Anyone who took the time to actually read this probably thinks I hate the damn game, but I honestly don’t. I think it’s a lot of fun, but I also think that it’s slowly killing itself for so many reasons. The current state of the game is a slight cut above garbage atm, and if shit keeps going at this pace a lot of players are just gonna leave.

What do you guys think?


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