Dear cunts who run this game

Dear respawn Devs,

You are cunts. Absolute cunts. All of you. Why? One reason: sbmm.

For too long have I and my friends put up with your bollocks. Sbmm is horrendous; why oh why are our 1.2 KD asses being put in lobbies with 50k kill, full sweat preds who just bitch slap us whenever we see them? How is this meant to be enjoyable?

You cunts have had people asking for removal of sbmm since the day it was introduced into pubs. And you do NOTHING. But hey, skin events come out on time. Cos gotta make your money somehow. Yet you have the nerve to waddle on down with to ea play like a Jewish banker with your money filled pockets and say CROSSPLAY is the most requested thing when everyone knows it's removing sbmm.

When pub lobbies are more difficult to play than ranked your game is fucked. Why are we being punished for wanting to play our friends? People consistently do better when solo queuing than when playing with friends because you cunts wont allow matchmaking to give people fun games with their friends. Just instead getting deleted by some no life pred. Cos yaaaaaaaaay that makes me want to spend $$$$.

Remove sbmm you useless cumsocks


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