Dear ranked players, please dont drop early in hotspots without your team, and here is why!

A few minutes ago, i was playing a bit of ranked, getting myself to gold soon (hopefully), and i had to witness this situation. When i was relinguished to jumpmaster, i decided that my pinged location whould be ideal. So i drop out, and go towards pinged zone, at the same time, green suggested another location, decidded to stick with me and going "ok" on my ping. I didnt notice at the time, that Red (the bad guy) solo jumped way earlier alone, without asking or informing! He then gets outnumbered, downed and eventually killed, meanwhile while i looked for a gun to assist him. I clearly didnt make it in time, the distance between us was vast so he needed to be respawned. Instead of waiting, he straight up quits, leaving the team alone in ranked! I dont understand why people decide to go alone on such hotspots expecting to make it alone ( red was below level 50) Dear ranked players, entire apex legends is based on teamplay, so please, communicate and dont decide on your own!

I hope i managed to Censor all usernames apart from mine, black is unrelated enemies. Also dont mind my graphics, or any other monitoring software 😀


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